What Is RTS?

RTS stands for Rapid Transformation System.  When participating in the RTS program (Private PT, RTS In Class, or RTS To-Go) students receive a proven fitness program that will help them achieve their fitness goals as quickly as possible.

Every student's RTS is different.  Many factors are considered when creating a personalized RTS program, but the basic principles remain the same from program to program.

  1. Evaluation - All students hold an initial meeting with Keith to discuss goals, history, health, nutrition, lifestyle, and more.  All factors will determine the direction of that personalized RTS.
  2. Assessment - During the first training session, students run through a fitness test which is exclusively offered through HVF.  Every four weeks the student will be reassessed to track progress.
  3. Training - Based on the student's current ability level and goals, they will participate in 3-6 workouts per week.  Workouts may include private personal training sessions, transformation classes, and offsite routines.  HVF uses an online platform to easily deliver offsite routines.
  4. Nutrition - Depending on the student's goals and current fitness level, nutrition may hold a higher importance than exercise.  All RTS success is dependent on proper individualized nutrition.  HVF' uses an online platform for nutrition evaluations and revisions.
  5. Lifestyle - This is a big one!  The vast majority of a student's day, week, month, and year falls into this category.  Making the necessary adjustments to one's lifestyle is crucial to ensure success in training and nutrition.
  6. Support - You are never alone.  Access to Keith is something students always have.  No matter what the question or concern, he is just a text, call, email, or facetime away.  You'll likely get tired of Keith, but that's OK, that means you're both working hard together for the same goal!

HVF has been using the RTS to help clients succeed for years.  Let the experience of HVF help you reach your goals!