Are you constantly searching for a fitness program that will actually deliver results?  Ready to stop trying different workouts and focus on something that works?  Your search is over!

Welcome to the Rapid Transformation System (RTS) offered only at Hudson Valley Fitness.  RTS is a proven system, not a workout, developed by fitness professional Keith Laug after 14+ years of experience and hundreds of clients.

The RTS is a comprehensive fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, and mentoring program designed to deliver you maximum results as quickly as possible.  A program specifically designed for YOU to achieve YOUR GOALS!

Stop wasting your time and money on failed workouts.  Contact HVF to join the RTS Personal Training program today.

6-Week and 12-Week Programs:

You will choose the 6 or 12 week program.  Each program offers 2 or 3 weekly appointments with Keith to train and revise your program.

What we're looking for in a RTS client:

Most importantly, to join the RTS program you must be willing and able to commit to the 6 or 12 week enrollment period.  This program does not extend beyond the end date (6 or 12 weeks from the start date).  If you can not commit to the 6 or 12 weeks, but want the RTS system, consider the traditional personal training service.

You must also be ready to put in the work!  If you are not willing to train like a champion, eat a proper diet, do your homework, and perform the necessary assessments, but you still need help with your fitness, consider the group training.

Train with a Friend or Two - "Group RTS"

Would you like to participate in the RTS program with one or two friends by your side?  If you have a friend or two (or family member) that also has a fitness goal they are struggling to achieve, consider joining the RTS program together.

What are the benefits of participating in the "Group RTS"?

  • The rate of success is greatly increased with the support of those closest to you.
  • Save on the RTS tuition.  The rate remains the same for two members (half each).  For groups of three, the overall rate increases, but that fee is divided by three, creating the lowest possible RTS tuition per person.

Important:  All friends must attend all appointments together at HVF.

RTS Training Process

After joining the RTS program you will first run through the assessment process to identify your starting point and the best approach for your individualized RTS.

You will meet on a regular basis at HVF to perform workouts and go over your nutrition and/or homework.  Based on your program, you will attend HVF 2 or 3 times per week on regularly scheduled weekly appointments (there may be flexibility to adjust meeting times from week to week)

Throughout, you will remain in regular contact with Keith.  Have a question, just ask.

Assessments are performed every four weeks to track progress and see what's working and where the RTS needs to be stepped up.

Additionally, RTS clients receive an unlimited membership to the group training during their RTS program.

Training Availability

Please contact HVF to see if the days and times you'd preferred to train are available.

RTS Enrollment Fees

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