The HVF private personal training service is extremely popular and has very few openings available. Current opening: 6am Tuesdays & Thursdays & Middays.

You can sign up as a Stand-By Client, meaning you can train when another client cancels.  Contact HVF if you'd like more information or to inquire about a specific training time.  Please consider group training.

Personal training at Hudson Valley Fitness is a great option to achieve your fitness goals should:

  • You need or want more personalized attention than the membership can offer.
  • You have a special limitation due to an injury or medical condition.
  • You have a specific goal and want to reach that goal as quickly as possible.

HVF has been offering personal training since 2003, helping countless individuals achieve success.

Don't sit on the sidelines thinking about achieving your fitness goals as life passes you by.  Take action today and let HVF show you how to get there.

Let's get you started

Below is the HVF studio schedule.  Personal training is offered in all blue and white/red times if staff is available.  Contact HVF to see if your desired time is open.


Next, what personal training program are you interested in?  HVF offers two personal training services, each designed for success.

Option #1:  The 6-Week or 12-Week Rapid Transformation System

RTS is designed for the individual (or couple) that is 100% focused and committed to achieving their goal.  Over the 6 or 12 weeks, the client will meet at HVF two to three times each week for private training (plus membership if they choose).  There is no time off.  Commitment is everyday, every week for the duration of the program.  For more on the RTS Personal Training including rates click here.

Note: RTS members receive private training, meaning the studio will not be shared with any other clients or members, unless the client misses more than one scheduled session in a month.

Option #2:  Packages of Personal Training Sessions

This traditional personal training service is also designed for success, but with a little more flexibility for the busy individual who can not fully commit to a 6 or 12 week program.

Just like RTS , this personal training option focuses on every aspect of successful training like progressive program design, nutrition, assessments, outside activity and exercise homework when needed.

Clients choosing a package of personal training are asked to commit to at least one session per week.  Work related travel or vacations will not result in the loss of sessions, we just ask that you give HVF enough notice so we may fill our training slot when you're away.

Note: Personal training clients that are only committed to one session per week OR have missed more than one session in a month will be required to share the studio with another client and their trainer if that time is requested.  The only way to keep your sessions private (studio to yourself) is to train at least twice a week and not miss more than one session each month.

Ready to take the next step? 

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