Mike M

How long have you been a HVF member? 20 Months

A little about you: I'm married with an eight month old son. We both work full-time, so our time is at a premium.

Why did you join HVF? When moving to Beacon, my wife and I were scouting out possible gyms and work out classes in the area. My past work out experiences involved working out at gyms with weights and cardio machines, sometimes running outdoors on trails near my home. The problem is, I would often get injured, or find some excuse to quit whatever program i was working on.

Describe your HVF experiences: Having now been with HVF consecutively for almost two years, i can enthusiastically say that this is the best program I have ever been involved with -- and can easily see myself sticking with this for years to come. The classes are challenging, but also smartly constructed. In the beginning, i could really feel the results. A 45 minutes class and i was gassed, but after a great workout. Now looking back, what used to be really tough is now easier and I'm pushing myself to new thresholds, and I still feel like I got a good tough workout. Not to scare anyone, because you can go at your own speed -- and I certainly did on many days. But it is very accessible. I also have not suffered any injuries and have been able to consistently attend sometimes four classes a week, but usually it's more like two or three.

Recommendations for those thinking about joining HVF: I would strongly recommend this program. Sign up for a trial membership, attend a class or two, and see for yourself. I have found this a great way to get in better shape, lose weight, become stronger, increase stamina, and achieve all of this without suffering injury. Great for me, my wife loves it too. Definitely worth trying if you are not sure.