Kathy S

How long have you been a HVF member? 4yrs +

A little about you: I've been working out most of my life, started in my 20's so that I would be in good shape once my husband and I started having a family. I have always gone to the gym to do cardio and had a personal trainer. I made it a lifestyle, not a "chore". I love it physically but also mentally, it keeps me in check. I have always struggled with my weight and if I didn't work out I would be extremely heavy and not healthy. I was diagnosed 3 years ago with fibromyalgia and Sjogrens Syndrome, too, so having already been working out, I can't imagine how bad it would have affected me if I did nothing.

Why did you join HVF? My friend, Liz, who is 20yrs younger than me brought me to one class; after that, I was addicted. It was hard in the beginning, I couldn't believe I would ever get any better, but I did. It's still challenging, no matter what level you are; I have seen others come in to do a class and by the time they are done, they are quite surprised, just like I was! And these are men and women that currently work out! Everyone is friendly and lets you go at your own pace, so it isn't chaotic with a bunch of yelling or talking. It's so structured, organized and challenging.

Describe your HVF experiences: From day one, I felt included and comfortable. I enjoy Keith, the instructor/owner so much - he's extremely knowledgeable, patient and keeps you motivated. Classes are well structured, extremely versatile, never the same, day after day - Keith has so many variations, I "feel" like I've never done the same routine in the 4yrs I've been there! He mixes it up so much that it's always a surprise and interesting, so you don't get "bored". One of my favorite things about Keith is from the day I joined until today, I love his main quote, "Keep Moving" - whatever pace, just keep moving, that needs no explanation, it's perfect.

Recommendations for those thinking about joining HVF: I dare you to come to one class, even just to "watch" - if you are afraid, don't be, it's not intimidating, it's not "cliquey" it's not too hard or too easy - I've had a lot of experience with classes and personal trainers and Keith is by far, one of the best well-rounded people and fitness class I have seen in a long time. And he's always punctual, start on time, by the second!! and end on time, very structured, I like!