Karen D

How long have you been a HVF member? 8 months

A little about you: Originally from Putnam Valley NY and moved to Beacon 24 years ago. I work for IBM currently as a project manager. I am married with 3 children, Kathleen, Kevin and Kyle.

Why did you join HVF? Well I always was playing sports when I was young and tried to keep playing while raising my kids. I jogged but not for long distances (3 miles). As I hit my 50's I was playing other sports except some volleyball, golf and some jogging. One day I noticed my flabby arms one as I was fixing my hair in the mirror. I considered going back to Allsport but I can't really motivate myself to go there consistently . I needed something quick, close and convenient that I hoped would I would like. That's when I found HVF.

Describe your HVF experiences: Well when I Joined I started at 2 days a week. It was perfect to ease into a different exercise program. All the exercise can be done by anyone and you can do different ones if you have any injury or for some reason can't do it. After a couple of months I noticed my core becoming stronger and my flabby arms getting better! I really liked the format as you really can push yourself as hard as you want. Keith is very subtle in how he pushes you but encourages you along the way. I wasn't losing much weight but honestly didn't change my eating habits. In Feb I tried the 3 week AdvoCare cleanse and it gave me the start I needed to Change my eating habits that I am still doing today. I cut out my daily Mountain Dew and potato chips at lunch and keep my sugars and breads to a minimum. I have lost 15 lbs since I started and just reached my goal weight. I have become stronger, more energetic and don't have as many aches and pains as before. However, the best part is with my change of diet my cholesterol is much better! I was on the verge of going on medication last year and now I'm back to a normal range. The amazing thing is I only started doing classes 3 days a week about 2 months ago so for only working out twice a week, walking my dogs every day and changing some of my eating habits for 6 months I got the results I wanted. People have noticed also which is always nice.

Recommendations for those thinking about joining HVF: If you are looking for something that works on your total body and would like some great coaching by Keith I think you should give HVF a try. It has helped me and wish I had tried it years ago.