Find your passion, make it better!

Beyond raising your children and caring for your family, what are you passionate about?  What drives you from day to day and makes you happy to be alive?

Are you thinking about it? 

Is there one?  Two?  More?  Hopefully at least one!

Passion is the fire that makes life worth living.  It can be your job, a sport, gardening, biking, art, writing, exercise, anything that makes you YOU.

We all need passion.  Have you thought about yours?  Good.  Now, how do you make it better?

Personally, I have several.  Of course, I love what I do for a living.  I am passionate about making positive changes in the lives of others.  It is something that I have worked hard at for many years and gives me joy in return.  Continued education and research is how I make this passion grow.

I also have passion for sports, being involved in many throughout my life.

Now, at the age of 40, golf has remained a sport which I continue to hold a passion for.  I think it's the unbeatable nature of the game that keeps me wanting more.  It fuels the need to practice, which in turn creates a desire to be better.  This cycle of practice and play year after year makes it a true passion.

Yes, the game is difficult and can't be beat, but I'm happy on the course (even when I'm mad at my performance).  I work at the game, I fail at performing my best most of the time, but when I do succeed, the fire inside grows.  The passion to work on being better grows!

To me, golf is great, to others, it's boring.  That's OK because it's my passion.

Lately, I've been searching for something more.  Another log to throw on my internal fire.

Then it happened, I was recently reminded of something that consumed my life for many years.  Something I thought about day and night.  I couldn't get enough and just like golf it was something that I worked at to be better.

That something was snowboarding!

I haven't strapped on a snowboard since the late 90s when I was living in Colorado.  I simply got away from it.  I still loved it, but time and a college student's bank account kept me off the mountain.  I soon sold my board (probably for beer money) and that was the end.

A few weeks ago I was talking with a friend who I rode the slopes with many years ago (he still hits the mountains a few times a year).  Our conversation about snowboarding sparked a feeling of a past passion, like a song that reminds you of a good time.

Further adding to that nostalgia was the recent industry news highlighting the release of a snowboard design (below) from the 90s which I was in love with.

Love this board!!

Love this board!!

This passion grows with every snowboarding website I visit and video I watch.

I'm IN!  It's decided.  I'm going to do this.  I'm going to find that passion again.

Now comes the work.  I can't just jump on a board and carve down a double diamond.  I mean, I guess I could, but how enjoyable would that be?  I would much rather be prepared and enjoy my first day shredding the slopes! (yes, shredding...I'm old school)

So, how will I prepare and make my passion for snowboarding better?  Fitness of course.  If you've ever been snowboarding or skiing you know the workload your legs will experience, especially that first day of a new season.

Sure, I can probably handle it in my current state, but I want to do more than handle it, I want to love it again!

That is my found passion and how I'll make it better.

So, how about you? 

Have you identified a passion?  Do you know how you can make it better?

If your passion (or soon-to-be passion) is a sport or physical activity, prepare for success.  Know what demands that sport or activity will place on your body and how to best condition for those demands.  If you're not sure, give me a shout, I'll tell you what to focus on.

For our snowboarding and skiing friends out there, keep an eye out for an upcoming post.  I'm going to share my personal Snowboard Conditioning Routine...the exercises I'm doing to ensure I enjoy my first day back on the mountain and NOT get a free ride on the red sled!

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I'll be revisiting this topic soon because it's too big and important not to.

Until then, find your passion, fuel that fire on a regular basis, protect that fire, and live a passionate life!

Keep Moving!