Andrew Ogden

Certified Personal Trainer


Andrew is a passionate fitness professional with 12+ years of experience designing customized training programs and nutritional plans for clients of all fitness levels. Advanced knowledge of various training methodologies, including strength and conditioning, powerlifting, plyometrics, calisthenics and martial arts. He is proficient in pre and post rehabilitation training, corrective exercise and injury prevention.

Andrew holds a certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a personal trainer.  He is also a level 1 coach for CrossFit.

Training availability at HVF: All day Tuesdays and Thursdays/  afternoon and evenings Monday, Wednesday and Friday/  Saturday mornings

What Andrew's clients are saying

Before I start talking about the value of Andrew as a trainer and our impactful time together training, I need to be totally transparent. I consider Andrew a good friend one that I hold in high regard. Now let’ talk about Andrew the trainer.
From the perspective of a broken down client, I don’t believe there are enough positive adjectives that can describe the importance of having Andrew as your trainer. Once an avid tennis player I became relegated to the sidelines, due to various maladies: OATS surgery and torn meniscus on the right knee, followed by torn meniscus on left knee, and throw in sciatica, I was truly in bad shape. At a previous job, Andrew invited some of us for some training. This was before my injury but I remembered how good it felt to have someone knowledgeable put us through exercises.
After being frustrated from lack of any activity due to my injuries, I knew who to call for help. Of course Andrew was elated to help me get back on track but first he had to do an assessment on me. He needed to see what state I was in before forming a detail plan for our training sessions. I was nervous when he got to the apartment because I didn't know what to expect and I've been inactive for years. He asked me to walk, the high kicks and then to squat. Andrew told me he saw the fear in my eyes after instructing me to squat. I honestly thought I wouldn't be able to stand. It wasn't pretty but I did and that was the beginning of a beautiful trainer- trainee friendship.
There were two main goals I had in mind when I first started with Andrew. One was to run again and the second was to be fitter and walk down the aisle at my wedding without any pain. With Andrew's help, I succeeded at both. The first time I was able to run with Andrew's guidance, I'm not gonna lie, my eyes teared up. The notion of running was once just a farfetched dream only to become a reality with my trainer.
To just say Andrew is a trainer is selling him short. He's a wealth of information. Anytime we trained, it was for a purpose. Certain side to side movements would help stabilization of the knee. I'd think how is this helping my knees. Then Andrew would explain "We do this so when you do normal stuff like stepping out of your car, the other muscles will react correctly. It's not all on your knees." There's always a plan as to the "why" with Andrew. I appreciate that immensely. I see other trainers go through the motions, not Andrew. He also helped me so much with my diet. If I have questions, he answers them. And then some. He's a scientist when it comes to nutrition with a wealth of information. He'll suggest certain adjustments to attain the right results.
I was discussing Andrew with my wife about a month ago jokingly saying Andrew should franchise himself. Like a Dunkin Donuts. The more I thought about it, I wasn't joking. If there are more trainers like Andrew or at least train like Andrew does so many people would be helped. One of the biggest trait a trainer must have with a client is trust. I trust Andrew implicitly. I paid the guy to beat me up and he made me enjoy it. I love going to the gym. The exhaustion. The sweat. The burn. All due to Andrew.
Aaron Wozney (proud client of Andrew Ogden and no longer relegated to the sidelines)

I began training with Andrew in the summer of 2015. Throughout the past two years, Andrew has provided me with an immense amount of support in the areas of health, physical fitness, and nutrition. He is dedicated to his clients, and wants to help them achieve all of their goals. Andrew is the ideal trainer for anyone who is seeking personal training.
When I began training with Andrew, he assessed my physical capabilities prior to starting any training. We discussed what my goals were, and developed a plan to achieve them. During each session, Andrew would always demonstrate movements first, and give me feedback throughout the lifts in order to make adjustments to my form. He made it clear that performing exercises, such as compound movements with a barbell, requires proper form in order to prevent injury. Throughout each training session, Andrew would explain why he had me performing certain movements; he wants his clients to develop a strong understanding of how the human body responds to various exercises. Andrew has a great sense of humor, and can find a way to make you laugh when you need it most - particularly during a challenging session. He has high expectations, and makes it clear that he wants you to push yourself each session. There were times where I was convinced that I could not physically perform another repetition, and he would motivate me to continue. I always leave a workout with Andrew feeling like I have worked hard and been successful.
Training with Andrew has gone beyond an hour session per week. He makes himself available to answer any fitness related questions that I have via text message. Andrew is honest, reliable, and incredibly supportive. I consider him to be a mentor, and also a friend. He has exceeded all expectations that I had when I began training with him. I would happily recommend Andrew to anyone without hesitation.
Chris O’Herlihy

Since I have started training with Andrew I have seen multiple facets of my life improve. My appearance is better, I am in much better health, I'm stronger, faster etc. He has also helped me gain much more confidence then I have ever had. It has even helped me with my relationships and daily interaction with other people. Before I started training with Andrew I did workout on my own but I was noticing slight improvement. I didn't realize how important my form was while exercising and how having good form can increase the potency of the work out. We went through bench press, dead lifts, arm curls, squats, pull ups and some more. As we worked through the different exercises Andrew showed me clearly the proper form by demonstrating himself. He was extremely clear while showing me this. As I watched and mimicked his movements, he watched me and told me what I was doing wrong and what I was doing right. I received this well because being the person I am, if I find something difficult I will quit. Andrew made it
clear I was doing something not easy and told me when I was right or wrong. One particular moment stuck in my memory. Andrew asked me to do pull ups and I needed to jump to reach the bar. I said to him in my normal nervous tone " I can't jumpy like that". He told me to try, so I did and couldn't reach. He said "you can do this John" and sure enough on the next try I reached the bar and pulled myself up. This was a huge moment for me. I saw what having a positive attitude and pushing yourself a little bit can do. I remember going home that day feeling extremely confident, happy, and dead tired. I was also excited for the next session.
All of my life I stayed away from certain physical activities (like running) because of my asthma. I told Andrew about this problem and instead of dismissing it he worked with me. We talked about asthma and what may be the cause of it and why. I told Andrew my fears and hatred towards running because of asthma so he worked up program that would push me past my limits, but also make it more comfortable for me. We walked and ran up a large hill. As we ran up that hill I felt extremely tired but he kept me going and when I reached the top it felt great. Andrew asked me to do something I refused to do for over ten years and he helped me overcome the fear of doing it. He showed me I can do these things I always thought I would never be able to do with asthma. Also by asking me to do something I wouldn't normally do changed the way I viewed myself and what I’m capable of. I could see myself changing, and the stronger silent type in me came out that day. Again I applied this to my daily life.
One other great experience I had with Andrew was when we worked on how to punch. Andrew first asked me to punch the bag however I knew how and filmed it. After that the session went on. We worked on multiple punches and the right way to throw them. At one moment I punched his bag around the room. After I successfully did this Andrew told me I moved a 200 pound bag with my fists. I can't describe how good that felt and what a boost of confidence it gave me. I never knew I had it in me to hit like that. As we came to the end of the session Andrew asked me to punch the bag and again he filmed it. Then I watched the first video of myself hitting the bag. I was nervous, asking questions, talking, barely punching the bag. To say the least it looked kind of pathetic. Then Andrew played the second film. I was a completely different person in this video. I had good form and I was punching the bag hard. I looked confident and ready to work. I also saw the 200 pound bag move as my fist connected with it. In only one hour I became a completely different person. Andrew helped me see that I have the person in the second video in me; I just don't allow it to come out. I went to work the next day with my back upright and I felt very good about myself. The normal feeling of being afraid and timid was gone. I couldn't thank Andrew enough for how much he has improved my life. I still work with Andrew and I will continue.
John Mungiello

I began training with Andrew in May of 2013. After years of being overweight and out of shape, suffering from frequent migraines and low self-esteem, I decided it was time to get serious about my health and make a major change. I was very nervous for the initial consultation, but Andrew's warm and welcoming disposition made me feel comfortable immediately. Not once did he make me feel intimidated or pressured, as I had felt by trainers in the past. By the end of the meeting, I was extremely impressed with Andrew's knowledge, professionalism, and his obvious passion for what he does. I knew then that if I were to follow through with engaging a personal trainer it would be him. A few weeks later I was back for my first session. Andrew has played a vital role in the transformation I have achieved over the last year and a half. His understanding of anatomy, physiology, diet, programming, and the intricacies of proper form, and his ability to effectively communicate these concepts to me, has been invaluable in my continued development and success. What really sets Andrew apart is his attention and dedication to his clients. He has invested the time to recognize what I respond to and understand my limits, often better than I do myself. If I start to doubt myself, he pushes me to keep going. He takes the time to carefully observe and correct my form on new lifts so I am confident progressing on my own. Andrew's involvement in my routine doesn't end after our sessions. He regularly sends me reading material, reviews my programs, and makes himself available to offer advice and encouragement. He is my biggest supporter in any endeavor I take on.
The physical transformation I have achieved since my initial consultation with Andrew is greater than I imagined it could be. With his help I have gone from couch potato to athlete. I completed my first marathon with no major injuries. I credit this in large part not only to the strength that Andrew has helped me to attain, but also to the focus on mobility, flexibility, injury prevention and recovery that he integrated into our sessions. However, even more important than the physical benefits are the mental changes I have experienced since I began training with him. Walking into our first session I was scared, lacked confidence and meek. Today, I am strong, confident, and sure. This confidence has transferred over to my personal and professional life, and has been life changing. Andrew constantly challenges me. Through committed observation he has uncovered the challenges that make me nervous or uncomfortable, and he makes me work at these until any doubt I had in my capabilities is gone. When I think I have no more reps left in me, Andrew knows that I do and he pushes me to get them done. His knowledge and commitment has allowed me not only to develop physical strength, but helped me to uncover a mental strength that I didn't realize was there.
Starting training sessions with Andrew was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I would recommend him to anyone considering personal training without hesitation, and would be confident that Andrew would inspire incredible results in them as well.
Jamie Crisafulli

I would like to take this opportunity to offer my highest recommendation for Andrew Ogden. I have been training with Andrew for over four years now and cannot recommend him highly enough. Nineteen years ago, I was hit by a car, causing lasting damage to my knee, severe enough to impact and limit my lifestyle. Approximately eight years ago I began taking injections to alleviate the pain in my knee. After training with Andrew, I no longer need injections and rarely consider my old knee injury. His knowledge of bio-mechanics and passion for education have literally elevated my quality of life.
I must also say that I actually hate exercising but I look forward to my sessions with Andrew as his personality and passion for his job make the workouts enjoyable. He is adept at pushing me safely to my limits and knowing how best to deal with different people to give them what they need. During out workouts we also discuss lifestyle, diet, stress management, and any other topic that might be affecting my overall health, and these discussion have also been invaluable to me.
Lisa Mirante

I have known Andrew since 2006 and since the moment I met him I felt at ease. He was knowledgeable in his approach to training and fitness as well as took the time to address my concerns regarding my overall health and well being by doing research to help me maximize my benefits.
My main concerns and goals in training were to improve my balance, stability and endurance that have suffered greatly since my diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis at 20 years old. Again, Andrew took the time and explored all aspects of the disease process and what the necessary steps were to improve my life in all respects, including having confidence in my abilities despite my ‘dis’abilities. He took the time prior to each new exercise to explain in complex or simple terms what each movement was addressing and why nothing I was experiencing is any more than some of his clients who do not have to live with a chronic illness. In this alone, he helped me feel secure.
His compassion and ‘you can’ attitude as well as his further research into diet and nutrition to take proactive steps toward a positive lifestyle have been as inflectional as any doctor or specialist I have had the ability to interact with. I never felt unsafe or like he had unrealistic expectations of me however when I would do something that I doubted my ability in he showed true pride in my accomplishments. This young professional is wise beyond his years so far as customer service, respect for an individual’s goals and ability to make someone reach an outcome that is beyond self expectation.
Marissa Romanella