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Hudson Valley Fitness is a training facility located in Beacon, NY.

13+ Years, 100s of Clients, 10k+ Sessions

As a RTS client or a class member, you are working under the supervision of a fitness professional that has developed a proven system of training over the past decade to help all individuals reach their fullest potential.

Get Healthy, Not Injured

Training at HVF focuses on safety first.  You are never asked to perform an activity or exercise which you are not comfortable doing.  High risk, low reward activities are not included in HVF programs.  The goal of any fitness routine should be to make you healthier, not injured.

Right Program For You

Training routines at HVF are open to all fitness levels.  Classes are designed with multiple modifications so most individuals, even those with limitations, can participate.  Some health and physical conditions may require RTS training as classes may not be appropriate.  The HVF staff has extensive knowledge and experience working special conditions such as knee, back, and shoulder injuries and many other issues.

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How HVF Can Help You...

Meet Our Members

Maureen C

"I absolutely love my time when I am at HVF! I feel like it's a second family."  Read my HVF story

Kathy S

"I've had a lot of experience with classes and personal trainers and Keith is by far, one of the best"  Read my HVF story

Karen D

"I have lost 15 lbs since I started and just reached my goal weight. I have become stronger, more energetic and don't have as many aches and pains as before."  Read my HVF story

Mike M

"I can enthusiastically say that this is the best program I have ever been involved with and can easily see myself sticking with this for years to come."  Read my HVF story

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490 Main Street - Beacon, NY 12508

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